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The Mission of
Beachy Resources:

The Beachy Resources website exists to provide free content that builds the Kingdom of God, promotes Jesus Christ and the clear teachings of the Bible, and moves people to live holy lives.

The Vision of
Beachy Resources

The purpose of the Beachy Resources website is to provide access to a free, user-friendly catalog of teachings and resources, including church information, from the Beachy constituency, both present and historical.

The project was started because we know there are many people who are searching for the following:

  • Clear teaching based on God’s Word 
  • A source of hope and encouragement
  • Doctrinally sound resources and study materials 
  • A community who follows Jesus’ less popular teachings

The Beachy Resources website strives to help meet these needs by providing an easily-accessible depository of sermons, lectures, and other digitized resources providing the history, theology, and practices of the Beachy constituency.  

It also provides a central place to find directions and contact information for the different Beachy churches.

Through God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s moving, we trust these resources will help people with the following:

  • Have a clear understanding of God’s Truth
  • Have their faith in God strengthened
  • Find a community of like-minded conservative believers
  • Be encouraged in their personal and spiritual lives
  • Find sound resources and study materials
  • Find historical documents that chronicle the Beachy constituency’s past
  • Have access to digitized messages and writings from those who are now with the Lord